Canyon Ranch

Health and Fitness Resort

Properties for Sale

Here is a unique opportunity to own property in Canyon Ranch Estates, part of the world renowned Canyon Ranch.

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Canyon Ranch I Estates

        8471 E. Desert View Pl.$1,400,000    (Owner Financing)

Canyon Ranch II Estates      

     Custom Buildable Lots

        CR2E Lot #4$1,350,000
        CR2E Lot #7$1,350,000
        CR2E Lot #8 $1,550,000


        3850 N. Canyon Ranch Ridge Pl Casita$1,295,000

        3866 N. Canyon Ranch Ridge Pl. Casa$2,100,000    (New)
        3862 N. Canyon Ranch Ridge Pl. Casa$1,995,000

     Custom Homes
        3868 N. Canyon Ranch Drive$3,800,000
        8452 E. Desert View Place$3,750,000

Canyon Ranch Casitas

        4146 N. Elm Ridge Circle$1,000,000    (Rental Program)
        8554 E. Flower Hill Dr.$1,700,000    (Casita Non Rental)
        8566 E. Flower Hill Dr.$1,295,000    (Casita Non Rental)

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